Happy Thanksgiving

This year, as usual, I’m thankful for the awesome opportunities I have had to teach acting and create new work with talented theatre artists. I’m also thankful for my awesome family which has welcomed two new additions this year: my amazing nephew Benjamin and my wonderful puppy Zeb. It has been a blessed year and I’m looking forward to an exciting start to 2015.

As BNTC’s Artistic Director, I take the Brand New Theatre Co. with me wherever I happen to go. Whether I’m teaching at a dramatic conservatory in London, England or creating new work with actors and screenwriters in Austin, Tx, the creative and educational work that I do is a part of BNTC’s mission.

I am currently excited to be back in my home town to spend some time with my family and to offer world-class training to small groups of adults, high schoolers and middle schoolers at the Fly Loft on 117 N. Boston in the heart of the Brady Arts district. It is so exciting to see the development in the Brady Art’s district and to be a part of the creativity that is taking place there.

So far I’ve got a few private lessons going and I’m consulting with a local group on their monthly original shows at the Comedy Parlor. I can’t wait to hold auditions throughout the month of December for the small group classes I’ll be offering during the spring semester. If you want to audition please check out the Acting Classes page and schedule your audition time by calling (918) 978-BNTC.

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